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03 17 2020 world best movie About 『幸せなひとりぼっち』(しあわせなひとりぼっち、En man som heter Ove 2015) popular cinema you should watch best recommended cinema mejor película del mundo que deberías ver mejor cine recomendado 世界上最好的电影,你应该看推荐的电影院 лучший фильм в мире, вы должны смотреть лучший рекомендованный кинотеатр 世界のベスト映画 おすすめ映画

03 17 2020 world best movie About 『幸せなひとりぼっち』(しあわせなひとりぼっち、En man som heter Ove 2015) popular cinema you should watch best recommended cinema mejor película del mundo que deberías ver mejor cine recomendado 世界上最好的电影,你应该看推荐的电影院 лучший фильм в мире, вы должны смотреть лучший рекомендованный кинотеатр 世界のベスト映画 おすすめ映画

60-year-old widower Ove Lindahl lives in a townhouse neighborhood, where he used to be the chairman of the neighborhood association, until he was replaced by Rune, his former friend. Rune is now paralysed after suffering a stroke, and being cared for by his wife, Anita. Ove is depressed after losing his wife, Sonja, a schoolteacher, to cancer six months previously. Having worked at the same company for 43 years, he is pushed into retiring. His attempts to hang himself are repeatedly interrupted by Iranian immigrant Parvaneh, her Swedish husband Patrick and their two children, who are moving into the house across the street.

During another suicide attempt, Ove flashes back to his childhood. His mother died when he was a child, leaving him alone with his quiet father, a mechanic at the train company. His father shared his knowledge of engines with Ove, who had a part-time job at the train yard. Having done particularly well at his exams, he reports his results to his father, who is so anxious to spread the news that he fails to take care and is hit by a train and killed.

During another attempt to kill himself, this time by carbon monoxide poisoning, Ove is sitting in his running car in a garage, and again recollects the past, when he began working at the train company. Two men from the local council, whom Ove dubs “The Whiteshirts”, arrive at young Ove’s home and declare it should be demolished. Ove instead fixes the house. His neighbors’ home catches fire one night, and Ove saves two people, but sparks from the fire cause his own home to burn, and The Whiteshirts prevent the fire from being tackled because they plan to demolish it in any case. With nowhere to go, Ove sleeps in a train at work; he wakes to find a young woman, Sonja, sitting across from him. He is smitten with her and returns to the same early train each morning. After three weeks, he finds her again, and they begin dating. She encourages him to return to school, and he earns a degree in engineering.

Ove’s attempt to kill himself is interrupted by Parvaneh banging on the garage door, wanting a lift to hospital because her husband has had an accident. Ove takes care of Parvaneh and Patrick’s two daughters, Sepideh and Nasanin, while they are there, and is made to sit outside after he causes a scene. Later, Ove goes to the train station, planning to jump in front of a train. However, when a man on the platform faints and falls onto the tracks, Ove jumps down and rescues him. Parvaneh asks Ove to teach her how to drive, and he eventually agrees. He also takes in a stray cat which he had previously found an annoyance. He tells Parvaneh about his past friendship with Rune, and how they worked together to establish rules and order, with Ove chairman of the neighborhood association board and Rune the deputy chair. They grew apart over the years, largely because of Rune’s preference for Volvo cars and Ove’s for Saab), until Rune organized a “coup” and replaced Ove as chairman. He also begins to bond with his new cat. He repairs a bike he confiscated from a neighborhood teen, Adrian, and returns it to Adrian who works at a kebab shop with another youth, called Mirsad. Ove notices Mirsad’s eye make-up and asks him if he is “one of those gays”, but does not shun Mirsad.

Despite his improved relations with his neighbors, Ove has an altercation with two “Whiteshirts” who are attempting to force Rune into a nursing home. Ove then tries to commit suicide using a shotgun, but is interrupted by Adrian and Mirsad ringing his doorbell. Adrian says Mirsad had been kicked out of his house after coming out to his family and needs a place to stay. Ove reluctantly invites Mirsad in. Later, Ove tells Parvaneh how Sonja, when pregnant, wanted to go on vacation before the baby arrived. She and Ove traveled on a tour bus to Spain, but on the journey home, the bus crashed. Sonja lost the baby and was confined to a wheelchair, which made her unable to take up a job as a teacher. When the local authorities ignored Ove’s pleas to build a wheelchair ramp, he went to the school in the night and installed one.

Ove collapses and is taken to the hospital, where he lists Parvaneh as his next of kin. Parvaneh is told that her “father” is suffering from an enlarged heart but will survive. Laughing, she tells Ove he is terrible at dying, before herself going into labor and delivering a boy. Ove gives gifts to Parvaneh’s daughters, who refer to him as grandpa. Several months later, Parvaneh wakes to a winter storm and looks out of the window to see that Ove’s drive hasn’t been cleared and Ove is not up at his usual time. Parvaneh and Patrick run to Ove’s house to find that he has died in his sleep. Ove, having found peace, has left strict instructions for his funeral; the service is packed with neighbors. The film ends with Ove waking on the train where he first met Sonja, to find her there waiting for him.

La película se presenta en una serie de flashbacks entre el presente y el pasado, saltando entre varios momentos en las vidas de Julie y Julia. El siguiente resumen de la trama separa la trama en función del carácter.
Julia Child – años 50

En la década de 1950, Julia Child (Streep), una mujer entusiasta y descarada, se muda a París con su esposo diplomático, Paul Child (Tucci). Ella asiste a Le Cordon Bleu para aprender cocina francesa, y al principio se encuentra con escepticismo, ya que es la única mujer en la clase. Madame Elizabeth Brassart (Buck), la propietaria de la escuela y Child Choque. Sin embargo, no se desanima y comienza a colaborar en un libro sobre cocina francesa para amas de casa estadounidenses con Simone Beck (Edmond) y Louisette Bertholle (Carey).

Paul advierte a Julia que puede ser asignado a otro lugar, ya que su asignación de cuatro años en París terminará pronto. Ella sigue siendo optimista de que no moverán a Paul, y si lo hacen, permanecerán en Europa. Se ofrece la publicación del libro infantil poco antes de que Paul sea reasignado a Marsella. Ella y Simone planean decirle a Louisette que recibirá una parte menor de las regalías que reciben del libro debido a la menor contribución de Louisette al proyecto. Después de enterarse de que Louisette se está divorciando, renuncian a sus reclamos.

Aunque el libro de Child es rechazado por Houghton Mifflin, es aceptado y publicado por Alfred A. Knopf.

Julie Powell – 2002

En 2002, Julie Powell (Adams) es una joven escritora con un trabajo desagradable en el centro de llamadas de la Corporación de Desarrollo del Bajo Manhattan, donde responde llamadas telefónicas de víctimas de los ataques del 11 de septiembre y miembros del público en general quejándose de los planes controvertidos de la LMDC para reconstruyendo el World Trade Center. Está descontenta con esto y se desanima al ver a sus conocidos tener éxito en sus propias profesiones. Está felizmente casada con Eric Powell (Messina), escritor de una revista.

Para hacer algo que le gusta, decide cocinar todas las recetas en Mastering the Art of French Cooking (1961) de Julia Child en un año; Powell decide escribir un blog para motivarse y documentar su progreso. Inicialmente recibe críticas de su madre, quien descubre que la tarea no tiene sentido, pero comienza a ganar seguidores. Eric la apoya en esto.

Se le pide que sea la anfitriona de Judith Jones (Dilly), quien fue la editora de Child. Julie intenta hacer bourguignon de carne para la ocasión, pero se queda dormida mientras espera que se cocine y se quema. Ella lo vuelve a intentar, esta vez tiene éxito. Jones cancela a último momento debido al clima, dejando a Julie desanimada ya que esperaba que su reunión con Jones condujera a un contrato de libros. Eric sigue siendo optimista, frustrante Julie. Él está dolido por la priorización de Julie de su blog y sus lectores sobre su matrimonio y se va después de una discusión.

Ella toma un breve descanso de la cocina, pero después de que su madre demuestra su apoyo a la cocina, decide volver a ella. Eric regresa, después de leer su publicación de blog en la que ella muestra remordimiento por sus acciones. Julie es visitada por The New York Times, que presenta su blog en una historia, después de lo cual su proyecto comienza a recibir la atención de periodistas, agentes literarios y editores. Julie se lastima cuando Child hace un comentario desdeñoso en el blog de Julie.

La última escena muestra a Powell y su esposo visitando la cocina de Child en la Institución Smithsonian, y Child en la misma cocina recibiendo una primera edición impresa de su libro de cocina y celebrando el evento con su esposo.


1950年代,热情奔放的茱莉亚·柴尔德(Streep)和外交官丈夫保罗·柴尔德(Paulucci)(图奇(Tucci))一起移居巴黎。她上蓝带国际学校学习法式烹饪,最初因为她是班上唯一的女性而受到怀疑。学校的老板娘伊丽莎白·布拉萨特夫人(巴克)与儿童冲突。然而,她并不畏惧,并开始与Simone Beck(Edmond)和Louisette Bertholle(Carey)合作编写一本关于美国家庭主妇法国烹饪的书。


尽管霍顿·米夫林(Houghton Mifflin)拒绝了Child的书,但Alfred A. Knopf接受并出版了这本书。



为了做自己喜欢的事情,她决定在一年之内烹饪出茱莉亚·柴尔德(Julia Child)的《掌握法国烹饪艺术》(Mastering the French Cooking Art)中的所有食谱;鲍威尔决定写博客来激励自己并记录自己的进步。最初,她遭到母亲的批评,母亲发现这项任务毫无意义,但她开始获得关注。埃里克对此表示支持。







Childの本はHoughton Mifflinによって拒否されましたが、Alfred A. Knopfによって受け入れられ、出版されています。


2002年、Julie Powell(Adams)は、Lower Manhattan Development Corporationのコールセンターで不愉快な仕事をしている若い作家であり、9月11日の攻撃の被害者やLMDCの物議をかもしている一般市民のメンバーからの電話に答えています世界貿易センターの再建。彼女はこれに不満を抱いており、知り合いが自分の職業で成功するのを見て失望しています。彼女は雑誌の作家であるエリック・パウエル(メッシーナ)と幸せに結婚しています。





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