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29 02 2020 recommend best movie 44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out 44ミニッツ 2003 おすすめ映画

29 02 2020 recommend best movie 44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out 44ミニッツ 2003 おすすめ映画

Homicide detective Frank McGregor (Michael Madsen) tracks a violent duo of bank robbers: Larry Eugene Phillips, Jr. and Emil Mătăsăreanu, who were named the High Incident Bandits by the LAPD.

On the morning of February 28, 1997, police officers get ready for work, while Phillips and Mătăsăreanu prepare to loot an armored bank truck. Meanwhile, SWAT officer Donnie Anderson (Ron Livingston) is mourning the death of his father, who was a policeman for over 31 years. He displays a lack of coordination with his unit during a raid on an apartment building, which almost causes one of his team members to be left alone with suspects, and is forced by his superior to take time off. Meanwhile, Phillips and Mătăsăreanu park outside the North Hollywood branch of Bank of America and wait for the armored truck to arrive. They are frustrated when the truck does not turn up and decide on robbing the bank instead. Donning black masks and homemade body armor, they enter the branch, firing at the roof with AK-47s. At the same time, an LAPD patrol car passes by and the officers observe the robbers entering the bank and call in a 211 for an armed robbery.

Phillips and Mătăsăreanu force the manager to open the vault and fill a duffel bag with all of the cash in the branch. While Mătăsăreanu has his back turned, the manager places a stack of notes rigged with a dye pack. With other officers arriving and setting up positions surrounding the bank, Phillips is shocked to see dozens of them and decides to walk outside, firing at them with his AK-47 and quickly being joined by Mătăsăreanu. The officers are heavily outgunned in the shootout. Anderson listens to the call on his radio, gathers his SWAT team, and races to the bank. After several minutes of firing and injuring both officers and civilians, Phillips and Mătăsăreanu decide to make a getaway. Mătăsăreanu drives their car while Phillips walks beside it and provides cover fire.

On Archwood Street, Phillips separates from Mătăsăreanu and starts firing randomly at the pursuing officers. While reloading, Phillips’ AK-47 jams, and he is unable to clear it. He draws a pistol. Raising the finger, he continues firing at the officers. Then, he turns the pistol on himself, shooting himself under the chin while being simultaneously shot by McGregor. Meanwhile, Mătăsăreanu carjacks a pickup truck but is unable to start the engine since the driver disabled the fuel tanks before fleeing. The SWAT team arrives and corners Mătăsăreanu, who then takes cover behind his car, and a close-range gunfight ensues. The SWAT team eventually fires below the cars at Mătăsăreanu’s legs; Mătăsăreanu is repeatedly hit in the feet and legs. Severely wounded, he drops his weapon and surrenders. It is later revealed that he dies of his gunshot wounds at the scene before paramedics can arrive.

The ending notes how the aftermath of the shootout proved to be a miracle, with no civilian or police deaths. It also notes how public opinion of the LAPD went up immensely due to their handling of the shootout. Actual footage is shown of LAPD officers receiving medals of valor and the public sending them thank-you notes and flowers in appreciation of their heroic efforts. McGregor closes by noting in an interview that “in 44 minutes of sheer terror, not one officer ran away. Everyone did their job, and I think that means something.”


1997年2月28日の朝、警察官は仕事の準備をし、フィリップスとマタサレアヌは装甲銀行トラックを略奪する準備をしています。一方、SWATの役員であるDonnie Anderson(Ron Livingston)は、31年以上警察官だった父親の死をんでいます。彼はアパートの建物への襲撃中に部隊との調整の欠如を示し、それにより彼のチームメンバーの一人が容疑者と一緒に放たれ、ほとんど上司に休暇を取らざるを得なくなりました。一方、フィリップスとマタサレアヌはバンクオブアメリカのノースハリウッド支店の外に駐車し、装甲車が到着するのを待ちます。トラックが現れず、代わりに銀行を強奪することに決めたとき、彼らはイライラします。黒いマスクと手作りのボディアーマーを身に着けて、彼らは枝に入り、AK-47で屋根を撃ちます。同時に、LAPDパトカーが通り過ぎ、警官は銀行に侵入する強盗を観察し、武装強盗のために211を呼び出します。

PhillipsとMătăsăreanuは、マネージャーに金庫を開け、ダッフルバッグに支店のすべての現金を入れます。 Mătăsăreanuが背を向けている間、マネージャーは染料パックを装備したメモのスタックを配置します。他の役員が到着し、銀行を取り巻く地位を設定したため、フィリップスは数十人に会ってショックを受け、外に出てAK-47で発砲し、すぐにマタサレアヌに加わりました。将校は銃撃戦で大いに打ち負かされています。アンダーソンは自分のラジオで電話を聞き、SWATチームを集めて、銀行に向かいます。フィリップスとマタサレアヌは、数分間の射撃と将校と民間人の負傷の後、逃走することを決めました。 Mătăsăreanuは車を運転し、Phillipsは車の横を歩き、カバーファイアを提供します。

アーチウッドストリートで、フィリップスはマタサレアヌから分離し、追跡する士官にランダムに発砲し始めます。リロード中に、フィリップスのAK-47が詰まり、彼はそれをクリアできません。ピストルドローがあります。指を上げて、彼は警官に発砲し続けます。それから、彼はピストルを自分自身に向け、あごの下を撃ちながら、同時にマクレガーに撃たれました。一方、Mătăsăreanuはピックアップトラックをカージャックしますが、ドライバーが逃げる前に燃料タンクを無効にしたため、エンジンを始動できません。 SWATチームが到着し、Mătăsăreanuを追い詰めます。Mătăsăreanuは車の後ろに隠れ、近距離の銃撃戦が続きます。 SWATチームは最終的にマタサレアヌの足で車の下で発砲します。 Mătăsăreanuは足と脚で繰り返し打撃を受けます。重傷を負った彼は武器を落として降伏した。後に、救急隊が到着する前に、彼が現場で銃弾で負傷したことが明らかになりました。

結末は、銃撃の余波が奇跡であることを証明し、民間人や警察の死亡はなかったことを記しています。また、LAPDの世論が、銃撃戦の処理のためにどのように大きく上昇したかに注目しています。実際の映像は、勇敢なメダルを受け取ったLAPD役員と、彼らの英雄的な努力に感謝して感謝状と花を送った一般の人々を示しています。 McGregorはインタビューで、「44分間の恐ろしい恐怖で、1人の警官が逃げたわけではありません。全員が仕事をしました。それは何かを意味すると思います」と述べています。

ノースハリウッド銀行強盗事件 North Hollywood shootout

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